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Data Cleaning in OpenRefine

Data Cleaning in OpenRefine Online

*Library Skills Week Event* 

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Presentation Title: Data Cleaning in OpenRefine

Description: If you have ever worked with data, you may have spent the majority of your time preparing it for analysis. The purpose of this workshop is to guide you through the basics of OpenRefine, a powerful and free tool used for wrangling small to medium-sized spreadsheets, and demonstrate the data cleaning techniques you can use on your datasets. NOTE: This workshop provides a brief overview of OpenRefine functionality. Hands-on activities can be accessed through Data Carpentry module Data Cleaning with OpenRefine for Ecologists.

Presenter: Daria Orlowska, Data Librarian

Bio: Daria is dedicated to supporting all of your data needs. As a former behavioral sciences research assistant, she bases her workshops on first-hand experience with the frustration of managing data.

Friday, November 19, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Online (event link will be sent in registration confirmation email)
Daria Orlowska
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  Library Skills Week  
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